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is the support organization of the Peyote Way Church. When you buy Mana Pottery, you not only support American handmade products, but you are also helping to support Peyote conservation.

Doomsday Revelation

Masses of humankind have, for too long, tried to separate themselves from Nature. We, in less than a century, have taken from the Earth elements, which took millions of years to produce. We have created wastes faster than we can dispose of them. Some of these wastes will remain poisonous to most living things for thousands of years. We have polluted the air, the water, even the ground beneath our feet. We have exalted material wealth and have ignored our spiritual glory. Even though in the midst of this degradation of our Holy Mother Earth most deny that there is anything amiss.

Many people living today would rather die than admit the shortsighted and self-centered error of their ways.

Men have exalted themselves and have foolishly debased the very source of their own being. The end of the Earth is not near, but the days of those who would trample upon and mock the Sacred Earth are surely numbered. Awake, my children, and humble yourselves before the Holy Spirit now.

The Earth is our Mother and the Sky is our Father. Know that all life and all things are sacred and of the Eternal Spirit. Truly we are stewards and not owners of these wondrous gifts. We are all brothers and sisters, even the plants, animals, and elements of the Universe are a part of us to be honored and, if necessary, used sparingly with prudence and thanksgiving. Recognize the power of our Holy Mother, which is the source of all being, and restore her to the throne of your hearts. Love your self and all things as the embodiment of Divine Mother and Father. Be good stewards who remember to restore what they have used and will not use what they cannot restore, so that your children can live in health, happiness and harmony for many generations to come.

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