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Revelation One

We believe that people all over the world have the benefit of sacramental plants growing in their vicinity. At one time, many tribal groups used these sacraments to create social order and guide their lives, and some still do. There are Biblical references to soma, which some people believe to be the sacred mushroom, and a great deal of Hindu art features the datura plant winding around Shiva's hair. There are those who believe sacred texts are full of references to marijuana as the "burning bush." Although we have a preference to Peyote as our Holy Sacrament, we recognize and acknowledge that others hold other plants to be sacred. In the following revelation, we honor each of them.

Listen to the people who have the knowledge of the sacred plants.
Hear the words of the people who hold the sacraments of Peyote,
the Holy Mushrooms
and all the other plant,
or any other thing or way that brings us
closer to an experience of Oneness.
Open your ears to what they have to say
and save yourselves from the foolishness of temporal ways.
Hemp is a holy and essential plant.
Listen to the Hemp people.
The Hemp people will show you the way out of the darkness we have made.
Be good to each other.
There is enough trouble in the world.
Night will always follow day.
Prepare while you can and give thanks at the end of the day
to the source of all
and you will be free.
No greed, no possessions, no fear.
Treasure life while you have it.
It is as fragile as a piece of pottery.
There is no ultimate condemnation.
The judgments that we make
and execute upon each other are all vain
and have no real value
in spiritual realms.
Earth is our Mother,
Sky is our Father.
We are the children of that union
and all things visible and invisible
are as well.
Celebrate the gift of Life.
Share it.
Sustain it while you can.
Forgiveness is what we should be busy doing to each other.
Love is what we're here for.
We all end up becoming plants.
From animal, to mineral, to vegetable...
Plants are our teachers and healers.
Listen to the plants and let them be your medicine.
The directors of petro-chemical/drug companies
are the conspiring men
of whom we have been forewarned
by the Word of Wisdom.
Herbs of the earth are the only true way to health.
We are of the Earth and the Sky.
Animals are our friends.
They are here to teach us and to help.
They are not here to be wantonly destroyed
without need.
They are truly divine.
They have no prejudgment.
Only the divine is completely
The way of the divine is the path to
Listen to the medicine people.
Cherish what you have at this moment.
As long as you are truthful you will never have a need to look back.
Do not be afraid.
Death is a door that opens.

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